An integrated life

Evening With the Peter Bradrick Clan

I first met Peter Bradrick in 2001, just days after “9/11″, at the “Family Friendly Church Summit” in San Antonio. This was, in many ways, the launch of what became the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches. I met a number of godly men and families at the invitation of Doug Phillips, but one of the singular moments of that event was when Peter, an 18-year-old young man, walked in with his father. He looked me in the eye with a huge smile, gave me a firm handshake, and introduced himself. There was something about that young man (and his father, Michael) that impressed me. This is what I wanted for my then 4-year-old son. I could say so much more as I watched and interacted with Peter and his father over the next few days, but I saw a combination of joy, humility, character, and a love for the Lord and others that stuck with me.

The following year, my first apprentice, Nathaniel Talbott, was getting married in Oregon. I remembered that the Bradricks lived in Washington State and told my wife that we needed to visit the Bradricks (a mere 7-8 hour drive from the place of the wedding) and get to know them better. Not only did the Bradricks welcome us for a visit, but they volunteered to host us for several days and use their camper out back as a place to park as we did whatever else we wanted to do in the area. We ended up spending somewhere between 36-48 hours with the Bradricks and learned so much about what a godly family with an integrated lifestyle should look like.

Fast forward eight years.

Peter has moved to Wake Forest, NC to work with his father-in-law, Scott Brown, to be an integral part of the NCFIC. We were blessed to host his family (Kelly, their 3 delightful sons, and Peter’s youngest brother Stephen who is interning at the NCFIC) last night in our home and, in the midst of our fellowship, we discussed many topics.

  • The Household as the Fundamental Economic Unit
  • Advice to a Daughter Who is Graduating
  • Young Men seeking Opportunities
  • Why Don’t More Men Provide Apprenticeship/Mentoring Opportunities
  • Being Committed to Life Without Debt

More to come…