An integrated life

Have I Achieved an Integrated Life?

It’s been way too busy to add blog posts, but I’ve been wanting to share this story that makes me feel that perhaps I’ve achieved some form of “integrated life” where work, family, education, entertainment, and spiritual all came together.

Our office is located at the bottom of the building we also live in. When the in-law-suite isn’t used by Carol’s mom (who lives here six months of the year) we’ve sought to use it to bless others in our lives. Graham and Sarah Langdon (Graham is a designer who works with us) have been living there since they were married in June and Graham has been working with me on an exciting project. Stephen Keel had the idea of a Kiosk Evangelist (note: although full of good information, this site was not designed by us… [NOTE: Stephen Keel went to be with the Lord before this project could be completed… but he assembled and kicked off what became this great organization: Mobile Ministry Forum]) and we’ve decided to invest in this project in many ways.

My son Caleb and apprentice Zach helped unload the prototype hardware as Graham & I and others worked on the software and interface. Stephen visited and found out the power supply was 220V only and found a place in Raleigh that could help him change that. So, we helped him load the kiosk hardware prototype in his van.

A couple of hours later, we received a call from Stephen. “I got it fixed and I’ll be back with the Kiosk and the chicken.” While we were loading up the van, Joshua (our “chicken boy”) was letting out our chickens so they could free range. As Stephen was pulling in to the engineering group in Raleigh, he looked and saw a chicken beside him in the van.

So, the personal chicken of my youngest son took a ride in the van of our Christian client who my older son and apprentice helped load while we learned about some key issues of kiosk design and worked on software for him, and we were all greatly entertained.

Just another day in the integrated life.